Thursday, September 18, 2014

20 Facts about Me

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1) I don't eat seafood except seashell (I could get rashes whole body) and I seldomly eat rice because I'm afraid of getting fat. I am fat when I was 19-20 yo which my weight was 64kg. People say I am good with that weight because I am tall, tapi nak lari susah weii.

2) I love pink, but I seldomly buy clothes in pink except for things like mug, bedsheet, curtain, bowl etc

3) I joined Wujud Paranormal Team since 2012 and still doing it. People might think I'm crazy but who cares? 😝

4) I have a friend named Noor Azimah, I've lost contact with her since 2009, and I'm still looking for her ever since.

5) I love dancing and singing. If I ever listen to songs which I can dance, I will dance even in the car 😜. Singing applies as well.

6) I'm bad at punctuality. Hehehe

7) I love to sleep the most. I can sleep for long hours and I'm so mad when my sleep disturbed. 😪😏

8) I love to watch Runningman. And the person I love the most is Jongkook oppa. 😚

9) I love doing extreme activity too. But so far, I've done hiking at Broga Hill, jungle tracking at Kalumpang, fitness training (army style) at UUM Sintok.

10) I don't like when my mom pushes me to get driving license and buy a car because I hate jam and I hate high maintainance thingy. (Tol, oil, car breakdown, etc. Dislike!)

11) My mom say my cooking is good, but from what I analyze it is just so-so. Haha. But my cabai belacan is the best so far.

12) I'm upgrading my life currently.

13) I look tough and strong, but actually i am weak. I am so 'manja'. To people who knows me, they know how 'manja' I can be when I'm with someone I love & care esp my mom (ask my mom!)

14) I cannot catch cold. If I do, I'll have flu the next morning. Worst come to worse, high fever. (This is the reason why I usually sleep without fan being on and I wear blanket all over my body and face even at night it is hot during night/afternoon or morning)

15) I love fantasy movie the most. My fav all time is Lord of the Rings.

16) I have lotta of nicknames. Emy, Alya, Nida, My (pronounce as Mai), Mimi, etc which I can't recall.

17) If I ever ever ever listen to 'Ruang Rindu' by Letto, I'll get really stupor. I'd rather listen to the song than people talking to me. Even when I was walking, I will stop walking and listen to the song until the song finished.

18) My dream of man HAVE to be taller than me. He willing to guide me to Jannah with him. P/S : LOYALTY IS MANDATORY!

19) Alexandria Arbai'e : Alexander the Great (Iskandar Zulkarnain) which is I adore the most if u really love history like mine. Arbai'e stands for 4 (arabic), which I am the 4th child my mom pregnant with. (1st one spontaneously aborted when my mom went to toilet). Bae - Lovely, Eunwol - Moonlight. I hope one day if I already met a guy, I will be his 'Lovely Moonlight', which his eyes only catches on me and only me. 😊

20) I am currently single and available. Keke

Monday, September 8, 2014

Error by Error

In life, we sure had make error. In your social life, in your family and your career.

Allah, nak menangis masa taip entry ni. Kerana satu kecuaian, satu benda yang tak buat, documentation consider as tak lengkap and if I have to go to court, I got no strong alibi. Walaupun sedar karier sebagai medical staff ni tersangat lah high risk, tapi satu benda yang Bai'e tahu, I will never regret being a medical staff. Never!

Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan. :')